• 14th-16th September: three days of games and play on London’s South Bank
  • 17th September: "Playing In Public", the Hide&Seek Weekender Conference


Pollie Barden and Chloe Varelidi

Firefly is a tagging game that explores temporal memory, and exploits the balance of collaboration and competition. The action takes place at night. Your first strategic move is the clothing you wear. Players, wearing Flashing LED badges will compete to see who can steal the most badges from other players. However, the prize you seek may be your downfall. You will have to be clever to succeed.

Pollie is a game designer, interactive artist and technophile, who has exhibited her work in museums and run her games in festivals all over the globe. She is pursuing a PhD in Media Arts and Technology at Queen Mary University of London. Her research focuses on connecting people across distance utilizing gameplay and technology.

Chloe is the co-founder of AthensPlaython. She loves designing urban games, mobile games, online games and learning games. When not playing in Athens Plaython, Chloe works at the Mozilla Foundation. Previously she was the Design & Learning Lead at Peer to Peer University, and before that the Creative Director of the game design studio MissionLab within the innovative school Quest to Learn, at the Institute of Play. Chloe likes super heroes and making her own ice-cream.

Friday 14th September

Clore Ballroom