• 14th-16th September: three days of games and play on London’s South Bank
  • 17th September: "Playing In Public", the Hide&Seek Weekender Conference

Midnight Tourism


NOTE: Midnight Tourism is a ticketed game. Tickets are £8 from the Southbank Centre website.

The great thing about our holidays is that that you haven’t taken them yet. And this is why our holidays are better than anyone else’s.

Ours are the holidays of the turquoise swimming pool, the white beaches, the shady villas you see in the brochures. Our destinations are never ruined by mosquitos, nearby building sites, local diseases or military coups. On our holidays you will never – it is guaranteed – step on a portuguese man-o-war, have your wallet lifted, or catch an STD.  Your rental car will always start; your waiter will always be polite; you will never, never miss your connection.

Our holidays are truly your very own personal Dream Holidays, because our holidays always, always, remain potential. Come fly with us and play potential holiday games, from musical sun-loungers to imaginary postcards.

Joanna (Badaude) writes, and draws graphic fiction and non-fiction. She is published by Tate, and has drawn and written for The Guardian, The Times, The Idler, FiveDials, 3am and The White Review amongst others. She has created large-scale artworks for the Tate Modern and The Wellcome Institute. Her website was a Webby Honoree in 2008. She is an associate member of the London Institute of 'Pataphysics. This year she will also be appearing at the Port Eliot Festival, The Wellcome Institute and the Melbourne Writers' Festival.

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Friday 14th September

Meet at Level 2 Terrace, in front of Royal Festival Hall