• 14th-16th September: three days of games and play on London’s South Bank
  • 17th September: "Playing In Public", the Hide&Seek Weekender Conference


Marek Plichta and Till Wittwer

Ordnungswissenschaft is a physical game in which four players are moving stacked boxes according to rigid instructions. The players have to execute these instructions in the given order and can only determine when to execute, not what to execute.They will be part of a narrow procedural system and thus become machine-like in terms of carrying out predefined actions. More precisely, they will stack the boxes and move them. Nonetheless, the players have to apply their human intuition and their wit in order to influence the course of the game and win.

Marek Plichta is the co-designer and visual artist of the award-winning games Spirits and Ordnungswissenschaft which were showcased on many festivals and exhibitions around the globe. He holds a B.A. in Interface Design and taught Game Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam and Interface Design at the Designschool Schwerin. Till Wittwer holds a BA in Theater Studies. He is enrolled in the Fine Arts program at the University of the Arts in Berlin, Germany but currently studies at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois. In his installations and performative works he explores moments of physical interaction, relational webs and directly connected issues of crisis, failure and power structures which shape discourses..

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Friday 14th September

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