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The Ersatz Entomologist

Matthew Robins

Make your own insect and preserve it in jar, will you convince the experts and get it into the permanent collection, or will you be revealed as a fraudster

Using cardboard, paper, or whatever scraps we provide or you can find, your task is to invent and create an insect or bug, label it and preserve it in a specimen jar. Present it to the insect-experts for inspection. If you can convince them this is a discovery of a new species, never seen until now, your jar will get the museum stamp of approval and will enter the history books. However if the experts can see you have tried to fool them with a fake, then your jar will be branded with the shameful mark of a fraudster and you will be banished from the world of science for everrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Using other insects and bugs in the collection as reference you can observe what has made a creature successful in evolution and survival, and can adapt these properties to design your own successful evolution-beating-bugs.

Matthew Robins is an artist and musician from the West Country. Most of his work is about insects and monsters - some of his recent shows have included "Flyboy is Alone again this Christmas" for the Barbican, and "Beauty and the Beast" at the National Theatre. He recently made an installation of cardboard beetles for London Zoo, and regularly performs shows with his band around the country, in museums, art galleries and concert halls. In the last couple of years Matthew has also started making films and is currently at work on his third proper animation and his first book for children . . . You can visit www.sadlucy.com to find out more.

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