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Treasure Maze

Viviane Schwarz

Cardboard ships sail over the cardboard sea, sink and scatter their treasure across the shark-infested cardboard coral maze. Can you bring it back out safely?

The Treasure Maze is tall enough to hide in, with safe little caves – and twisted dangerous stretches where treasure seekers may be caught by sharks and lose all their collected gold.

At times, the sea is rough and drags itself around the room as sharks and seekers battle inside it. Other times, it it quite tranquil… until you turn that one wrong corner.

Sometimes, you might just want to stand and watch as the tall fins cruise about, and screams and coins erupt suddenly into the air. Come and go as you like. Be a shark. Be a diver. Visit the cardboard maze you would have built as a child if they’d let you.

Viviane Schwarz is a children's book author and illustrator most of the time, and makes up games for and with Firehazard Games the rest of the time. Her games normally involve entertaining monsters - aliens, werewolves, sharks and the like - and always give you the choice to be the monster yourself.

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