• 14th-16th September: three days of games and play on London’s South Bank
  • 17th September: "Playing In Public", the Hide&Seek Weekender Conference

Artist Showcase #1 – 815 Agency / Joshua DeBonis & Nikita Mikros

815 Agency, Joshua DeBonis, Nikita Mikros

The Artist Showcase sessions are a chance for makers of games at the Hide&Seek Weekender to give a brief presentation on their game and their practice, giving some grounded and playful context to the panels and keynotes.

Each session will comprise of two short flash presentations with no Q&A – grab the artists in the breaks if you want to learn more!

815 Agency are involved in two games at the Weekender Close Ties and Cascarone.

Joshua DeBonis and Nikita Mikros are likewise showing two games: Killer Queen Arcade and it’s non-digital ancestor, Killer Queen. Killer Queen won Best In Fest and Most Strategic awards at Come Out and Play 2011 in New York City.


815 Agency

815 Agency is a design and engagement practice seeking to explore and delight in architecture, playfulness and the city. In the spirit of Cedric Price, the agency is interested in the idea that building isn't always the solution to a client's problem. It sees designing, playing and making as part of an ongoing body of research which continues to surprise and delight both ourselves and increasingly others.

Joshua DeBonis

Joshua DeBonis is a game designer, programmer, and musician. He runs a small indie game studio called Sortasoft LLC and has extensive experience as a game design and development consultant.

Nikita Mikros

Nik has been a professional programmer since 1994 and a game designer since 1997. He currently serves as creative director for both Tiny Mantis and SMASHWORX. He has taught various game design, multimedia and programming classes at the MFA Computer Art Department at SVA since 1995.

Monday 17th September

Queen Elizabeth Hall