• 14th-16th September: three days of games and play on London’s South Bank
  • 17th September: "Playing In Public", the Hide&Seek Weekender Conference

Artist Showcase #3 – Rosie Fairchild / Jason Anthony

Rosie Fairchild, Jason Anthony

The Artist Showcase sessions are a chance for makers of games at the Hide&Seek Weekender to give a brief presentation on their game and their practice, giving some grounded and playful context to the panels and keynotes.

Each session will comprise of two short flash presentations with no Q&A – grab the artists in the breaks if you want to learn more!

Rosie Fairchild is the director of Splash & Ripple, the creators of Incitement, thrilling urban street game of stealth, survival and surveillance.

Jason Anthony created The Hush with the Playrites Collective. The Hush is a massive, sprawling, invisible game of freeze tag in a SMS-based game of random silences.

Rosie Fairchild

Splash & Ripple are the team behind critically acclaimed psychological thriller experience Shadows Follow. Headed up by Rosie Fairchild, a former Director of 2.8 Hours Later, Splash & Ripple are ‘Purveyors of Fine Experiences’ using a combination of street gaming, theatre and clever digital things to create award winning productions.


Jason Anthony

Jason Anthony is a writer/editor/designer based in NYC. He makes weird games in weird places. Sacrifice Play was a reinvention of the Aztec ball games, complete with human sacrifices. Shabbat-put was a mashup of Jewish Sabbath rituals and Olympic events. In The Cards was a fully-gamed chapel service, commissioned by a major American seminary, and based on the rules of blackjack. The Ten Year Game is a belief-agnostic, gamed religion that takes ten years to play. He speaks widely about the past and future of reflective games, such as the Zen koan, trial by combat and the dreidel. Venues have included the Institute for the Future (California) , the International Conference on Digital religion (Colorado), the NExT ideas festival (Denmark), the Transhumanism and Spirituality Conference (Utah) and others. He writes widely about games and religion, and has a chapter ("From Dreidels to Dead Space") in an academic textbook coming out this this fall.

Monday 17th September

2:45pm- 3:00pm
Queen Elizabeth Hall